Friday, May 11, 2007

Retroactive Entry: Visit Home in Mid-April


I just talked with Dad some outside. He has some worry about the risks associated with the upcoming needle biopsy. He also said he misses Grandpa. He feels bad kind of leaving me out of some of the planning [about which I expressed some hurt], but he wanted to get it done. He also said that Mom is putting up a good front but is jello inside. I suppose that could be true, and in any case, it is probably good for his peace of mind to think that.

He said that my shaving my head was an act of solidarity and was “neat.” He wants to get better so bad, but he knows God is in control. He has people all over the US praying for him. When I ask him how he is, he says he has peace of mind and no pain. Both are not to be taken for granted.


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