Thursday, September 04, 2008

Be Afriad of Palin... Be Very, Very Afriad

I was fuming during the speech tonight b/c it blatantly lied about the substance of Obama's policies and personally and vehemently attacked virtually everything about him, including his motives and his service of low income people. (I hope that social workers and community organizers of the world show her what organizing looks like by organizing Obama/Biden into the WH and her back to AK.) I guess lying and personally attacking are now under the mantle of "reform." It took Washington-types a week to scrub her accent and get her delivering partisan drivel written - ironically - by a long-time GOP speechwriter. How's that for "outsider?" She spent 25 minutes delivering canned one-liners that GOP hacks sat around over whiskey coming up with for weeks and even months.

The speech had no substance whatsoever, and after day 3 of the RNC, I've still not heard a lick of new ideas, no substance about any actual issues, lots of terrorist scare tactics, and the same old GOP talking points about low taxes, less government, strong military, etc., all while ripping on elite, comso-drinking Democrats. Palin revived the stereotypes and culture wars - Obama and all Dems are unpatriotic, elitist, and San Franciscan, while GOPers are gun-toting, blue collar SOBs. It was indeed a red meat night, but it was also overly mean-spirited, shallow, dismissive, and unecessarily personal. All this while Obama and Biden haven't been scrutinizing her at all on the trail. Biden didn't even question her ability to be president when asked. But there is blood in the water now.

I can't say it better than most of the commenters on TIME's Swampland blog:
. I'm glad that the comments are 20-to-1 negative on Palin.

And I remain very worried about her super-right wing ideas and policies, which out her to the far right of McCain, who at times actually tries to be moderate in a crazy-right party. A skeptic on climate change, evolution; banning all abortions (further right than even a majority of evangelicals); censoring books in the local library; Iraq as a mission from God. And she apparently cut funding for support for pregnant teens; she might want some of that funding back, huh? And the stuff coming out said by her pastors is much more worrisome to me than Jeremiah Wright's liberation theology (which I don't find troubling at all, actually). As a Christian and a graduate of an evangelical college, I GET conservative Christianity, and we cannot afford a fundamentalist of her variety in the White House. One of these days, I keep thinking we'll put someone in the White House that accepts things like "the findings of the world scientific establishment," "facts," and "moral deliberation." Oh, for a GOP presidential candidate that sees the world in more than black-and-white.

If Palin wants to play hardball, then I hope the Obama campaign stands up to her and hits her back on all the lies in the speech and the inconsistencies in her record that are already coming to light. And if they do, I don't want to hear cries of sexism. What she did tonight - insulting the work of community organizers and tearing Obama down personally at every turn - would never be tolerated against her without being labeled sexist.

Oh... and I love a new AP story that Keith Olbermann pointed out that is criticizing the GOP for bashing the media (and the Obama people, even though Obama and Biden called her family off limits) for attacking the Palin family when they turn around and parade them on camera and on stage - including shotgun husband-to-be Levi - before national audiences to show how pro-life and pro-family she is. Don't attack them, but let us use them as political props.

I was thinking during the speech that if every group of people she offended voted for Obama, then the Dems win in a landslide. Let's hope so.


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