Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Robertson Effect

A recent poll cited in The Washington Times found the following results when asked about Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani:

"29 percent said Mr. Robertson's endorsement made them less likely to support Mr. Giuliani, while only 6 percent said they now are more likely to support him. That was consistent across all such demographic categories as age, party affiliation and income."

Yikes... I didn't realize that an endorsement was meant to alienate 5 times as many people as it brings in. More proof-positive that Robertson and Falwell (now decreased) are marginal at best when it comes to the power-brokers and influencers of the Religious Right. Well... maybe not totally true, since it seems that Robertson indeed has influence - negative influence.

While this is instructive about what many of us already knew about who may and may not be wielding influence in the Religious Right, there is also a good lesson here for those on the Religious Left -- there is no sense making hay with scathing critiques of folks like Pat. He's old news, even to tried and true Religious Right followers.

For an interesting perspective on Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani, see Paul Waldman's piece "Loving Robertson" in The American Prospect.


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